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The DMAA - Dorn Method Academy Australia:

Established 2007 as a free and independent Umbrella Organisation of Dorn Method Instructors and Therapists in Affiliation to the Dornfinder ( - The official German Dorn Method Umbrella Organisation.

The DMAA has following intentions:

• Provide affordable, quality training to everyone interested in learning the Dorn Method.

• Encourage all Dorn Method Practitioners to agree on a code of ethics and conduct.

• Share freely all relevant information about the Dorn Method including Practitioner Listings, New Developments and Research.

• Participate in the development of a free and independant association that can help the Dorn Method to become an accepted and recognized Healing Method.

• Encourage Conventional Medicine Practitioners, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physical Therapists, Naturopaths, Massage-Therapists and other Complementary Alternative Medicine Practitioners to cooperate with each other rather than being in competition to one and another

• Give all Dorn Method Practitioners support in their practice and to provide relevant assistance.

• Help in the promotion of the Dorn Method national and international and achieve acceptance and recognition.

• Encourage Dorn Method Practitioners to continue their education and increase their experience level by participating in advanced trainings and seminars in order to reach the highest levels of Quality in the application of the Dorn Method.

• Establish an open accessible Dorn Method Therapist Directory in affiliation to the german and international Dorn Method Directories at: and

• Encourage all Dorn Method Practitioners to participate in an open and fair discussion about the Dorn Method to enhance credibility and acceptance ot the Dorn Method at the Dorn Method / Dorn Therapy Forum:

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